Friday, 12 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018

I hope that you all had a very happy Christmas and a good start to the New Year! Time passes very quickly during this busy period and it seems no time at all since we were putting up the decorations and now we have to take them down!

With the New Year comes change at Crownfield Junior. I will be taking the role of Acting Headteacher for the foreseeable future and am very much  looking forward to leading the school on its journey ahead. Crownfield is lucky to have a staff who are dedicated to your children and passionate about their learning.  I believe that a child needs confidence with which to grow, both in their education and in themselves and we strive to nurture this in all our pupils.

Mrs Argent, who shares my vision for Crownfield, is to work alongside me as Acting Deputy Head and her teaching commitments are to be taken by Mrs Foskett, who is now working with us for 3 days a week.
My greatest wish is that all our children discover the joy of learning in a place that is positive and fun to be. A school that gives them opportunities to broaden their knowledge of the world around them and a place to shine.  A place where they feel safe and are respected by both adults and their peers.

I cannot do this alone and know that supported by the staff, governors and you the parents, we can achieve this.  With change comes change. Some may be exciting and motivating, some may be challenging but whatever happens, it will always be done in the best interests of the children of Crownfield Junior. 
Have a good weekend.

Gill Horne

Acting Headteacher

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