Friday, 19 January 2018

Our School Dress Code

All children wear the school’s uniform as described below.

Crownfield Junior School Jumper, white shirt; black/grey trousers; House tie, plain black school shoes.

Crownfield Junior School Cardigan, white blouse; black/grey trousers/skirt; House tie; plain black school shoes.

Shoes must clearly be ‘school shoes’ please – this does not include trainers or soft casual trainer type shoes - no logos etc – or cutout designs – or stripes; they must be plain black with a sensible heel.  Boots with a sensible heel can be worn in wet/cold weather if trousers are worn.  No ‘Ugg’ boots please.

A school fleece can be ordered to substitute for a coat; fleeces are not worn inside in place of jumpers.

Summer Uniform (optional)
School Shorts
Girls: green/ purple gingham school dress.

P.E. Kit
Indoor: Girls: green school PE shorts and purple school shirt Boys: green school PE shorts and purple school shirt Children take part in ‘indoor’ PE lessons in their bare feet or plimsolls; trainers are worn for outdoor lessons. Outdoor A school tracksuit is available to order from Reception If a parent chooses not to purchase the school tracksuit, then a plain blue tracksuit must be worn over a child’s indoor kit. PE is a compulsory subject. It is, therefore, essential that all of the children have the necessary kit. The school jumpers, cardigans, ties and PE kit are sold by the school on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

One simple plain round stud is allowed in each ear lobe; nothing sparkly please. No jewellery whatsoever is allowed during PE lessons; children must not have their ears pierced if it will prevent them from taking part in these lessons; we do not allow ears recently pierced to be covered in tape as the most recent Health and Safety guidance does not promote it. Children are allowed to wear a sensible watch and one small plain band ring. No other jewellery is allowed.

Children’s haircuts and styles must be of a sensible nature. The colouring of pupil’s hair is not allowed. Extreme styles, such as Mohawks/Mohicans etc, are not allowed; stripes are not allowed, neither are motifs. Long hair must be tied back for indoor and outdoor PE, and many other class activities, at the teacher’s request, for safety reasons. We would ask that you write your child’s name and class on all of their clothing and belongings. If your child does mislay something, then it may have been put in ‘Lost Property’ which is positioned just inside reception. Page 15

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