Monday, 5 February 2018

Year 6 trip to the Royal Gunpowder Mills

On Friday 26th January, Year 6 travelled to the Royal Gunpowder Mills in Saffron Walden. We had an exciting day learning all about the Vikings.

Our day was split into four activities:
  • A Viking quest - we learnt all about the history of Vikings in the Lea Valley. We collected clues and used Viking runes to solve a puzzle.
  • Jewellery - we created a Viking brooch just like the Vikings used to decorate their clothes.
  • Home life - we found out day to day life at home from the Thane's wife. We learnt: what Vikings ate; what they wore; and how they passed the time.
  • Weapons and Longships - how did Vikings travel? What weapons did they use? We investigated these questions with the help of a brave warrior!
Although it was very cold, our children were brilliantly behaved; staff at the Mills commented on how polite and well mannered they are. We are so proud of them all.
What a brilliant day!

Click here for the Royal Gunpowder Mills website

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