Friday, 17 July 2020

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

We'll Meet Again ...

What we've been up to this week!

We've been exploring what life might have been like during World War II to help us understand the importance of VE Day!


Tuesday, 5 May 2020

What we did last week ...

Group 3 Treasure Hunt

Bailey set up a mystery of the school bell being stolen with 11 clues around the school and playground.  Jack and Alexis had to solve them to find it.  To help them, they had to interview suspects to find the culprit, which Miss Nun helped them out with.

Monday, 4 May 2020

The Toilet Rolls Return!

We hope you enjoy part 2 of the Toilet roll challenge. Thank you to the children (and staff) that took part. We hope it makes you smile 😃

Class 6E Once I was 7 years old...

A video for pupils in 6E. 'Once you were 7 years old' and joining Crownfield Junior and now starting the next part of your jo...