Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Year 4 perform 'Can't Stop the Feeling' in British Sign Language

Miss Soo teaches a British Sign Language club at school but also used her skills to teach the whole of Year 4 how to Sing and Sign 'Can't Stop the Feeling' for Mr Patient's leaving assembly.

Here is a snippet of some of Year 4 performing:

Marie, 4H
'It was easy to learn but you definitely needed to practice'

Mary, 4H
'It was nerve-racking doing it in front of Mr Patient in assembly because you would just hope everyone was doing it in time because you had to focus on what you had to do.'

Beatrice, 4H
'At first it was difficult to learn, but after we practised a few times it was fine.  In front of everyone, I was very nervous.'

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Stop the Press!

Click the picture above to read the full article!

Here is the chessboard we won, signed by British and World Chess Champions Nigel Short and Lawrence Trent! 
Did you know that Lawrence Trent grew up two roads down from our school?

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