Monday, 12 February 2018

TT Rockstar Party!

On Wednesday 7th February pupils that have achieved their Timestable Rockstar status were treated to a Rock party. The children listened to music, played on the I-pads and had fun in the Rock photo booth as a reward for their hard work with learning their times tables.

Please see below for their photo booth snaps.

Well done Rockstars- we are very proud of you!

Friday, 9 February 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018.

During assemblies this week the children have learned about how their behaviour online can have a positive or negative effect on other people. Children were given the opportunity to discuss how their own online activities and how to seek help if they are unsure of anything that might occur while they are online.

All children in their computing lesson this week were able to further explore the ideas discussed in the assemblies. They were then able to make a pledge of one thing that they would do  to make a positive contribution to their online profile.

For advice on keeping children safe online click here.

Stop Bullying Poster Display

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Young Voices at the O2!

Crownfield Junior School Choir visited the O2 for the Young Voices concert!

Year 6:
On Tuesday the choir went to the 02! It was so much fun, everyone had a great time. We have all worked so hard on learning all of the songs and dance moves. My favourite part was when Urban Strides came on and started dancing, they were amazing! It was incredible when the concert started because they switched off all the lights and we could turn our Young Voices torches on. It looked like 1000 stars. In fact, there were 7981 children!

Year 6:
On the 6th February the choir went to the 02 to sing. I couldn't believe it when they told us that there was 8000 children there (it almost gave me a headache!) I loved it when the Magnets started to Beatbox and when the Urban Strider were dancing!

Year 6:
The 02 was awesome! We had little torches and when the lights went out it looked amazing! I wish I could do it next year.

Year 4:

I had the best day ever at the O2. I couldn't stop smiling because I was too excited.  When we got there we took a photo with the Crownfield banner. Then we had singing rehearsals. There were so many children (I think it was more than 7,500!). There were famous singers who came and we got to sing with them, it was so cool!  After we saw the dancers, they were amazing! After that we got to show everyone the songs we had learnt in front of our parents. I loved it and would love to visit the O2 again!

Year 4:
The O2 was big!  We performed to our parents and we were sat really high up.  Outside the arena there was food and more to eat and drink.   If you join the choir you get the chance to sing, dance and see famous people sing and dance too!

Monday, 5 February 2018

Year 6 trip to the Royal Gunpowder Mills

On Friday 26th January, Year 6 travelled to the Royal Gunpowder Mills in Saffron Walden. We had an exciting day learning all about the Vikings.

Our day was split into four activities:
  • A Viking quest - we learnt all about the history of Vikings in the Lea Valley. We collected clues and used Viking runes to solve a puzzle.
  • Jewellery - we created a Viking brooch just like the Vikings used to decorate their clothes.
  • Home life - we found out day to day life at home from the Thane's wife. We learnt: what Vikings ate; what they wore; and how they passed the time.
  • Weapons and Longships - how did Vikings travel? What weapons did they use? We investigated these questions with the help of a brave warrior!
Although it was very cold, our children were brilliantly behaved; staff at the Mills commented on how polite and well mannered they are. We are so proud of them all.
What a brilliant day!

Click here for the Royal Gunpowder Mills website

Charles Darwin Autobiography

Year 6

We have been working on the Theory of Evolution in Year 6 Science and exploring the life of Charles Darwin.  This is a piece of autobiography writing based upon Charles Darwin's life.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Our Times Table Rockstars!

At Crownfield we have been using the Timestables Rockstars website and app to improve our tables recall. The children have been playing on the programme in school and at home. The aim is for the children to know their times tables off by heart by the end of year 4.

Last week was Rockstars week and an amazing 83 pupils at Crownfield are now Rockstars! Pupils become a Rockstar when their average speed of recall is 3 seconds or below. Some children even became Rock Legends- with an average speed of under just 2 seconds!

The Rockstars were rewarded in assembly this week with a special certificate and pencil. Next week they will enjoy a special 'Rock party' to recognise all of their hard work- photographs of all Rockstars to follow next week.

We are incredibly proud of the hard work that these children have put in to achieve this award. If you are not yet a Rockstar get Rocking! 

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