Monday, 30 April 2018

Book Swap!

Does your child have a pile of books at home that they have already read?  Would they like the opportunity  to exchange them for more exciting reads?  Then Crownfield Junior School’s Book Swap Week could be for you!
As a school, we continually strive to develop and improve the reading skills of all of our pupils.  To encourage further reading, and help promote a lifetime love of books, we have decided to run a Book Swap event in school.

How it works:
On Monday 30th April, 2018 pupils may bring in a maximum of threegently used books to our school Library, for our Book Swap event.  For every book pupils bring in, they will receive a token, enabling them to exchange for the same amount of books to bring home.

Book Criteria:
Books must be appropriate for Years 3 – 6 children only.
Books must be in a ‘gently used’ condition i.e. no rips, tears, bent edges, food stains etc.
Books with colouring or writing in them will not be accepted.
Colouring books/activity books/sticker books will not be accepted.
Children will have the opportunity to come into the Library to select books to bring home, during the lunchtime on the following days:

Tuesday -         Year 6
Wednesday -   Year 5
Thursday -      Year 4
Friday  -          Year 3
Hopefully, this event will be a great way of ensuring pupils have access to new books to read and enjoy, as well as developing their love of reading.  If the event is successful, we hope to be able to repeat it on a regular basis.
Thank you for your support.
Mrs Smith

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Cutty Sark Adventure

On Tuesday 24th April 2018, Year 5 went to the Cutty Sark and the Maritime Museum.  First, Mrs Strong  and Mrs Gordon’s classes went to the Maritime museum and we went to the top floor and pretended we were pirates steering the ship’s wheel.  When we got to the Cutty Sark we did an experiment where we constructed our own paper boards which we had to test using weights to act as our precious cargo of tea.  We had to put the weights in to see who’s boats would sink first and which group’s would carry the most.

Yesterday on the Cutty Sark we made paper boats of the real Cutty Sark.  We put cargo onto the boats and saw if they still stayed afloat.  Fun fact #1: the Cutty Sark cost 10.7 million pounds.   We got to go on top of the main deck which was really cool and got to look through a telescope.  We had an amazing view of the River Thames!  After that, we got to go inside the ship.  Fun fact #2: the Cutty Sark is actually a cargo ship that brings tea from China and Australia. 

The Cutty Sark trip was amazing, 10/10, BEST TRIP EVER!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Class 6E Once I was 7 years old...

A video for pupils in 6E. 'Once you were 7 years old' and joining Crownfield Junior and now starting the next part of your jo...