Friday, 13 July 2018

Crownfield Celebrate Bastille Day!

Crownfield Junior School celebrated Bastille Day on 13th July 2018

Year 4 did a cross-curricular day of researching French Geography, finding out about the History behind Bastille Day and creating some abstract Art inspired by French artists.

'I liked Geography most of all because I got to find out where the provinces were located.  Also, I learnt some facts about macarons!'
Paige R, 4F

'I really liked Geography, because I really enjoyed labelling all the provinces and using the iPads.  Also, I enjoyed learning about the Arc De Triomphe, when it was made and what it's purpose was.  That's why I enjoyed it.'
Ella B, 4S

'Art was my favourite lesson because I enjoyed working in a group to make a brilliant picture of abstract Art in the bright colours of the French flag.'
Hayden B, 4S

'My favourite activity of the day was the Art because I loved working in groups of four and loved letting my imagination run wild and let my creativity free.'
Finley G, 4S

I wonder what next year's Bastille Day will entail?!

Thursday, 12 July 2018

2018 Music Concert

We have some amazingly talented children in our school and here are a few photos and videos of them performing at our Music Concert:

'Today was the Music Concert and it was really fun.  I never knew that people from our own school were that talented!  Also I honestly thought there was only going to be about two people there to watch us but loads of parents turned up!  I enjoyed singing for everyone eventhough I was nervous at first, I got more into it as the concert went on.  I really recommend this as a career, it's amazing!'
Ella B, 4S

'I thought it was great and I really loved performing as part of the Choir.  I thought it was really nerveracking when I first went on the stage in front of everyone but after a while, it was really fun.'
Demi-Lea S, 4S

'It was really nice to perform to the adults what we had practised.  I played guitar and I was singing in the Choir.  It was nice to have a chance to show off my talents.'
Vilte B, 4S

Year 3 trip to Hadleigh Country Park

Year 3 went on a trip to Hadleigh Country Park.

Here are a few photographs from the trips:

''At Hadleigh Park we had so much fun!  We fought each other during warrior school and got to visit the roundhouse.  Also, we made pots and got to dig stuff up.  We learnt how they used to fight naked and the chief would wear fine clothes.  Mrs Fewings wore what she would have worn to battle, painted her face with blue paint and wore a wig too!  Once in the roundhouse someone told us that when children were young, they took care of the fire.'
Rosie, 3W

'I loved Hadleigh Country Park!  We did an archaeological dig and Alden in my class found the top half of a skeleton head and Arif found the bottom part!  When we went into the roundhouse we found sheepskin, the deer skin was so furry!  We learnt how they used to use a horn to hold fire or blow as an alarm!'
Mollie, 3W

'It was good when we got to look around the roundhouse and look at the different weapons they used to use.'
Zeina, 3F

'I liked it when we got to dig down into the pits to find bones and pottery.  It was a great, fun day!'
Charley, 3F

'I enjoyed the roundhouse and warrior school.  I also loved using the slings, it was really fun!'
Joseph, 3K

'At Hadleigh Park I enjoyed when we got to go to warrior school the most.  I also enjoyed when Mrs Fewings got dressed up and put blue paint on herself!'
Zohra, 3K

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

2018 Chess Tournament

Children from Year 3 and 4 Chess Club competed in our very own Chess Tournament hosted here at school.

Here are a few photographs of the event:

'I really enjoy chess because I really enjoy Maths and this really helps me with my chess!  I didn't think I was going to win anything but I came first place!  Chess is a great sport because it uses my brain and I have more than one chess set at home.'
Aleks K, 4S

'I enjoy chess because it helps me concentrate more.  I play chess at home with my Dad but I still haven't been able to beat him.  I hope with more practice, I can one day.'
Samuel C, 4S

'The Chess Tournament was really fun as I don't get a chance to play at home much.  I was really nervous but I persevered and I really enjoyed it.  I almost came second!'
Omari M, 4F

And the winner of our Chess Tournament was ...

Well done Aleks!

Monday, 9 July 2018

Year 3 World Cup Homework

Year 3 had to create a news report about a country from the World Cup and Mollie chose Brazil.

Here is Mollie's video:

'I looked up lots of facts but I had to rewrite the information into a script so it wasn't just copied.  I enjoyed filming my news report at home so I did not have to feel nervous performing it in class.  The most interesting fact I found out was how many times Brazil had won the World Cup!'

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