Thursday, 31 January 2019

Choir visit the O2 for Young Voices!

 'I loved the O2, when we performed to the parents.  We had little lights which made the O2 look like there were stars.  We saw some famous singers which were amazing but the best part was that we got to sing with them!'
Toma, 5S

 'The O2 was very fun.  We sang numerous songs and there was amazing special guests as well.  It's all thanks to our brilliant Mr Haise and fantastic Mrs Fitzmaurice.  Also thanks to Mrs Talbot and Mrs Goulding for helping out.
Evie H, 6H
'The O2 was amazing there were also some famous people and our music teacher is the BEST!  My favourite part was performing to the parents.'
Tegan, 5S

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