Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Year 4 Ancient Greek Workshop Day

Year 4 Ancient Greek Workshop Day Photos
How much would you bid me for this slave?  Offers start at 3 denarius!
We asked the oracle and she prophesied that we would
win against the Persians!
We are sculpting statues for the temple!
Please don't sell me!
We couldn't do it without our parents!
This is a meeting in the Agora!

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Workshop Day

'Yesterday was fabulous!  I was fabulous because I like History and the day brought it all to life!' - Yasmina, 3W

'Yesterday was so fun and we made perfume, carved soap, made ink and used Egyptian paper to protect us.  We had a festival and ate bread and cheese.  We got to act out Egyptian tales.' - Evie, 3F

'Yesterday I really enjoyed it because I liked it when we got to try food and it was extremely fun when we did all the activities.' - Harry 3W

'Yesterday I enjoyed when we got to make lots of different things.  I would definitely love to do it again.  Another good thing was when we saw different people perform.  The man was such an amazing actor and the learning was so very interesting.' - Bo 3K

'I did like Ancient Egyptian Day but I wanted it to be longer!  The food and making the stuff was good but I didn't like the cheese!' - Ahmad, 3F

'Yesterday it was Ancient Egyptian Day.  Miss called us to go into the hall.  Master talked to us about how we had seven choices of what to make from Ancient Egypt.  I made things like a necklace/bracelet, a mummy and served bread.' Lila, 3K

'I really enjoyed the crafts with the clay.  In the afternoon, I really enjoyed the show because I got to be a hand maiden.  I enjoyed all the costumes and dressing up.  The food was lovely!  Cheese, bread and water.' - Emily, 3K

'I liked the part where we got to go to the different stations and made mummies out of wooden pegs.' - Taylor, 3K

I really enjoyed it because there was lots of things to choose from.  What I really enjoyed was everyone taking part.' - Emily, 3F

'Egyptian Day was fantastic!  There were lots of activities such as: making jewellery, doing painting and so much more!' - Sophie, 3F

'I liked when we had to do the dance, it was really fun when we had to pose at the end!  My favourite activity was when we had to make the plaque using hot wax.' - Daisy, 3W

'Yesterday was Ancient Egyptian Day and we had lots of stuff to do like: clay canopic jar modelling, candles, soap and the best part was we could take them home.  Even though we had no lessons we still learnt so much!' - Vaanya, 3K

'I found doing the play with the pharaoh the best part of the day because I was the guard.  Also we got to hear some of the teachers scream as we pretended to feed them to the crocodiles!' - Joni, 3W

'I really enjoyed yesterday because I got to be an important part of the play.  I found it really funny because I made Mrs Fewings and Mrs Kaggwa bow to me!' - Theo, 3K

'It was amazing!  It really was like we were in Egypt.  I really liked making the mummies.' - Adriana, 3F

'I liked making the bread, I liked eating the bread.  I thought having a drink was so refreshing and tasty.  I loved being the handmaiden.' - Ellie-May, 3F

'Yesterday was amazing!  Year 3 learnt new things about Ancient Egypt!' - Jenni, 3W

'I want to do it again because there were lots of activities in the hall.  The dance was amazing because I was the leader of the crocodile.' - Freddie, 3K

And thank you to our parents who came for our exhibition on Thursday!

Friday, 8 February 2019

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day
Consent Assembly

On the fifth of February 2019, 8 children (from Crownfield Junior School) travelled by bus to the Mawney Foundation School to present an assembly about consent online. They presented their own presentations (which they made without any help from the teachers) in an assembly. They all enjoyed themselves.

Alexandra said “I was really nervous at first but after I had finished it, it seemed really easy. I would definitely do it again if I was given the choice.”

By Joshua and Alexandra.

Below is the video that was created for the assembly:

Year 4 and 5 Exhibition!

Year 4 recently completed their Ancient Greek Museum Topic Homework and Year 5 handed in their research on Eastern Europe.  The standard of  work was amazing, and so to celebrate, the children put on a gallery viewing of all their projects for all Year 4 and 5 to see.

Here are a few photographs and videos from the event.

‘I enjoyed the exhibition because you got to go around and see everyone’s work and not just your class.  It was fun to get to see Year 4’s work too, it was so different!’ – Rubie, 5W

‘I thought it was really fun because you got to see all the other people’s amazing work.  All the classrooms were packed with dioramas, paintings, posters and people!’

‘It was fun looking at Year 4 and 5’s project work.  There was a helmet with grey hairs sticking out of the top.  It was so big for me, it went over my shoulders and I could barely even see!  There were structures out of cardboard boxes, lollipop sticks and more!’ – Vilte, 5S

‘I loved looking at everyone’s work.  I got to see my friend’s work and my cousin’s too.  All of it was lovely and I hope we can do it again.’ 

‘It was a fun little exhibition which I really enjoyed.  I loved seeing everyone creating wonderful pieces of art, especially Omari’s video which even had music for everyone to dance to!  I also loved the fact that you got to try on a Roman helmet in the library!’ – Jaydon, 5W

‘I really enjoyed looking at what other people had done for their projects and seeing everyone’s different ideas.  I would love to do another exhibition like this again.’ – Lily, 5W

‘It was a surprise to see everyone’s project ideas, I liked everything!  You could tell who put the most effort and spent more time on them.  Some people did some fantastic dioramas, recipes, information, videos, slides, quizzes … and there were so many Trojan horse models!’ – Joshua, 5N

‘I think it was great because we got to see the rest of Year 5 and Year 4’s projects.  Year 4 were doing Ancient Greeks so it was fun to see what they had been up to.  They had done really cool dioramas and you got to try on a huge Roman helmet that went over your face!’ – Beaux-Louise, 5W

‘The exhibition was amazing because the exhibition started in the Year 4 classes all the way into the Year 5 classes.  The doors were open for everyone to look at the wonderful work about Eastern Europe (Year 5) and Ancient Greece (Year 4).  Some people had done an amazing job of doing at least one piece of project work!’ – Beatrice, 5N

‘I enjoyed it because it was really fun.  I like Omari’s video that he did for his homework and I enjoyed going round to the different classes including the Year 4.  Seeing all the hard work everyone had put in at home was really inspiring.  I enjoyed trying on the helmet in the library!’ – Ava, 5W

‘I liked the exhibition because we got to see what everyone did for their homework.  I also enjoyed the videos that were playing.’

‘I loved the exhibition, it was exciting because you can walk around and see other people’s work, and get to learn fun facts or information about different countries.  I would love to have one again.’ Sadie, 5N

‘The exhibition was really interesting as we got to see other people’s projects.  Also, I liked going into the Year 4 classes because I wanted to check out what they were doing too.  I really liked the exhibition and wish we could do it again.’

Thursday, 7 February 2019

BBC 2 Live Lesson!

Today, Years 3 and 5 participated in BBC Radio 2's Live Lesson.
Here are some comments about what the children thought about it:

'I like the 500 Word Challenge because when David Walliams was reading the story it was exciting!' - Danielle, 3F

'I felt really happy doing it as I liked joining in with the BBC and other schools.  I really liked the 'Did you know?' part.' - Adriana, 3F

'The thing I liked about it was when David Walliams read the stories out!' - Daisy, 3W

'It was absolutely perfect.  It made me feel like I could join in one day!' - Jayden, 3F

'It was fun.  It helped me with my writing because I can use drawings to help me write a story.' Georgia, 3K

' I felt excited, creative, happy and loved how interactive it was.  I was given vocabulary which would help with my writing.' - Emily, 3K

'Today we had a live lesson about writing a story using only 500 words.  It was fun because we get to write our own horror stories and that gave me lots of ideas.  I can't wait to start writing mine!' - Daisy, 5N

'It made me think of cool ideas for my own stories.  Maybe I will be the next Roald Dahl or David Walliams!' - Joshua, 5N

'I enjoyed doing the live lesson as it helped me to write short (but exciting) stories.  The show gave me the idea to create a story of a chocolate hurricane and a wizard!' - Hanif, 5N

'I really enjoyed the live lesson because I got to write my own story which was filled with good ideas.' - Makari, 5N

'I thought that the live teaching lesson was enjoyable and really different.  It gave me a couple of ideas and tips.  I loved how you could send in your ideas!' - Sadie, 5N

'I think that the live commentary was amazing because it let my imagination run wild and I could create my own ideas!' - Bobby, 5N

'I love it!  The live lesson was very different to our normal lessons.  I enjoyed seeing what other schools were coming up with, I couldn't believe some of the ideas!  It inspired me to want to write my own book.' - Phoebe, 5N

'I think the 500 Words live lesson was really fun because I liked how I could see what other schools were thinking too.  I loved that we could all join in.' - Mary, 5N

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