Friday, 24 May 2019

Choir trip!

The School choir rocking out yesterday after our trip to SCHOOL OF ROCK!!

Friday, 17 May 2019

Instrumentalists visit!

Crownfield Junior School instrumentalists out and about again! This time to Havering Court Care Home.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Year 3 Workshops

It was wonderful to welcome so many Year 3 parents into our school this term to attend the Reading and Maths Afternoon Tea sessions. The relaxed atmosphere was great and everybody had lots of positive things to say about the content of the workshops. The majority of parents who filled in the evaluation forms said that they felt more confident in supporting their child at home after the sessions.
After some work with just the parents it was lovely to invite pupils into the workshops too, this meant that the practical tips/ games we had covered could then be practised with the children. Watching parents working together their children was a pleasure to see. (The children also particularly enjoyed the biscuits and cakes - thank you Michelle from the school kitchens.)

Thank you so much to all the parents who were able to make it.

Copies of the PowerPoints used can be accessed on the School Website under 'Parent/Carer Area.'

Here are some comments from parents;

Reading Workshop

‘It was very interesting and helpful.  I would like more workshops like that.’

‘Helpful in terms of finding out about strategies used in school.  üüJ  Getting to look at SATs papers was helpful to see what challenges they face.’

‘Very informative and supportive, found it useful to understand more about how the SATs are carried out.’

‘Some great ideas.’

‘Very helpful session.  Some good hints and ideas for parents to help their children.’

‘Enjoyable insight to an approach to English, building confidence and comprehension.’

‘Loved activity with my child – shows her that school and home are working together to support her.’ 

‘Really enjoyed the workshop, its given me lots of ideas I can carry on with at home.’

‘Found the workshop very helpful and interesting.’

‘Very helpful.  Got some new ideas to keep my (child) engaged.’

‘Very good session.  Very useful to see what the children are aiming for and have the chance to work with y our child in school.  Delivered well – tea was appreciated too!’
‘Very informative workshop J

Maths Workshop

‘Always enjoy these workshops.  I love the ideas for games and will use them at home.’

‘Some fun methods to instil basic maths skills.’

‘Some fantastic game ideas.  Looking forward to playing them at home.’

‘Fun ideas  for Maths.’

‘Really helped in showing us how to play fun games to help our children at home.’

‘Found out some good maths games to play.’

‘Very helpful.’

‘Fun and informative! J

‘Good information.  Thanks.’

‘Excellent practical session.  I would like more like this for other subjects of the curriculum.  Thank you.’

‘Found it very interesting.’

‘It was really good to find out about the methods that children are learning at school.  More meetings like this would be great.’

‘Very informative and useful.  Would definitely attend others. J

Very good workshop.  Really beneficial to have your child with you.’

‘Really informative and good fun.’

‘Games were really helpful.  Thank you.’

‘Thank you for the tips and ideas on how to help my child with Maths.’

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