Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Friday, 18 October 2019

Smart School Council meeting.

On Friday 18th October all of the new School Council travelled to Mawney Federation school to work together on our new Smart School Council.

We caught the bus and arrived ready for lunch and to meet our counterparts.

 All of the children spilt into mixed groups and we met Greg and Sam who introduced the new way we will be working and it was very exciting. This new format involves all children having a say and a vote to make changes to benefit the school. There are opportunities for everyone to get involved and create or take part in action groups. The 'Comms' Team learnt about their roles and what they need to do to be a great school councillor.

The children were confident and enjoyed each activity. There were lots of smiles and the children are eager to put their new roles into action.

Year 6 have been investigating a mysterious case, around their Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde topic.

'It really got us motivated to ask questions and find out what happens next.  It helps us understand what actually happens in the book.  I think we can now explain more about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.' - Finley, 6N

'I really liked that we got to see the crime scene.It was really exciting and made me feel part of the story.  It felt real.' - Toma, 6N

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Year 3 Welcome Meeting

Today we welcomed parents of our new Year 3 children into school. It was lovely to see so many new faces.
This is the presentation that was given.
There are useful links to times table websites.

Thank you if you managed to attend.

The Year 3 Team..

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